Alineaire is a collective of digital artists who combine play, technology and gestures. Their original creations suggest an interactivity between the work and the public in a scenography of  ...

Alistair Aitcheson

Play17 Creative Gaming Festival
Independent game developer based in Bristol, UK. Alistair Aitcheson specialises in games and installations that encourage physical activity, social interaction and performance. His projects have  ...

Aljoscha Jelinek

Aljoscha Jelinek is an author. After writing several short stories, he wrote dialogues for the adventure “The Night of the Rabbit”. At the moment he is writing graphic novels.  ...

Alke Vierck

Photo: Hamburger Kunsthalle, Ralf Suerbaum (edited)
Alke Vierck is researcher for education and mediation at the Hamburger Kunsthalle. She develops the school program for the collection and changing exhibitions. She also supervises further  ...

Almut Schwacke

Almut Schwacke is a Foley Artist, Sound Designer and Composer who loves contriving soundscapes until everything’s in the right place. Being a qualified and highly musically trained sound  ...

Amelie Künzler


Andreas Gaschka

Born in the early 80s Andreas Gaschka grew up drawing all day and created his first animated films shooting stop motion Lego with his parents HI8 camcorder. In 2010 he […]

Andreas Hedrich

Andreas Hedrich
Executive Direction // Head of Public Relations As the initiator and spokesperson of the Initiative Creative Gaming, Andreas Hedrich has been pleading for the creative use of video games in […]

Annika Rodrigues Ferreira


Arne Busse


Carola Veit

Carola Veit was born in Hamburg and is a registered jurist. Since 1991 she is member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD). She is vice-chairperson of SPD Hamburg-Mitte. […]

Christian Schiffer

Christian Schiffer works for ARD and Deutschlandfunk. Moreover, he is co-founder and publisher of the computer game magazine WASD. In 2016, Schiffer attended to the German debate revolving around  ...

Christina Chrysanthopoulou

Christina Chrysanthopoulou is a Greece-born architect and virtual reality artist. She has several publications in conferences such as IEEE VR2015 and VS-Games Barcelona 2017, and has participated  ...

Christina Kutscher

Christina Kutscher
Creative Gaming Award Christina Kutscher studies English Literature and Media at the University of Hamburg and is a tutor at the Institute for British and American Studies. She is also a […]

Christina Metzler

Christina Metzler holds a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Hamburg and is close to completing her master’s degree. At the same time she works as a media […]

Christopher Weymann


Daniel Ziegener

Daniel Ziegener
Daniel Ziegener writes as a freelance journalist for numerous magazines about video games and the culture surrounding them. In formats such as “away from keyboard” he takes a closer  ...

Daniel Zils

Daniel Zils studied education at the University of Koblenz and was a freelance media pedagogue from 2004 to 2007. Since 2007 he works for gGmbH at schools, universities and  ...


Demokratielabore shows adolescents how to actively shape society with digital tools. They can be journalists in workshops or learn how to encounter cyber trolls with arguments and occupy public  ...

Dom Schott

Dom Schott studied archaeology. Now he works as a freelance journalist for various magazines and publishers. He favors writing about gaming culture, exciting online communities and his two cats.  ...

Eric Jannot

After studying journalism, Eric Jannot worked in the gaming industry for more than ten years. He was a public relations executive, freelancer and Senior Game Designer at The Games Company. […]

Fabian Käufer


Florian Zandt

Foto: © Björn Reschabek
Florian Zandt is a freelancer writer working for small, medium-sized and big German video game publications. This includes not only WASD Magazine and GameStar, but also Lost Levels, the phoenix  ...

Gunther Rehfeld

Prof. Gunther Rehfeld developed the Master studies “Games” at HAW Hamburg, where he teaches game design, dramaturgy in games and community. At the moment his research focus is on  ...

Heiko Idensen

Social learning formats, open educational resources, tools for using open and free media in socio-cultural contexts, EduHacking, cultural crafting. Work: Home:  ...

Heiko Müller

Heiko Müller
Dr. Heiko Müller is head of the Jugendinformationszentrum (JIZ) Hamburg. Besides offering information for youth culture, the JIZ has established a focus on media literacy and media protection. At  ...

Heiko Wolf

Heiko Wolf, alias “Der Medienwolf”, works as a freelance media educator in Düsseldorf. He develops creative media projects like web videos, photographs and games with children,  ...

Imanuel Schipper

Photo: Benno Tobler

Jan Boelmann

Dr. Jan M. Boelmann is junior professor for literary learning at the University of Education Ludwigsburg. In his dissertation “Literarisches Verstehen mit narrativen Computerspielen”  ...

Janina Kozubik (OddNina)


Jennifer Hicks

Jennifer Hicks was born in Washington, Tacoma in 1988, but lives in Berlin now. She studied Interface Design and has worked on service apps, storytelling apps and mini games. SInce […]

Johanna Otte

Johanna Otte is a freelance media educator in the field of game design with children and adolescents. Her focus is on active media work, discussing the medium computer games, creative […]

Johannes Kristmann

Johannes Kristmann spent more than ten years in the AAA industry and worked on “Spec Ops: The Line” or “Dead Island 2″ as an artist, level designer and game designer. […]

Katharina Appel

Katharina Appel is a master student in English and philosophy and plans to become a teacher. At the University of Hamburg she works as a student assistant in the field […]

Kathia von Roth


Kolja Bopp

Kolja Bopp (*1982) is game designer and founder of Cultural Games UG, an indie studio with the motto “We love games, we love cultures, we love impact.” Kolja has always […]

Leon Balmes

Foto Leon Balmes

Leyla Sünnenwold


Lukas Opheiden


Manuel Fritsch


Martin Ganteföhr


Matthias Kempke

Matthias Kempke is author and game designer at Daedalic Entertainment in Hamburg, a video game developer and publisher that is specifically known for its adventures like Deponia and Edna bricht  ...

Maurice Alain Hagelstein

Maurice Alain is Game Director of Tiny Roar, a video game studio in Hamburg. But he also commits crime in written form for comics (“Lootboy”) and games (“Leisure Suit Larry […]

Members of the Akademie der Zerstörung

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Merlin Teckenburg


Miguel Sicart

Miguel Sicart is an Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen, where he teaches game and play design. Miguel is the author of a number of articles about games, […]

Miko Hucko

Miko Hucko is Reality Programmer: freelance creative artist and activist. Formally, she works with hierarchy-free communication and collaboration structures. On the content level, she focuses on  ...

Nicole Buch

Photo: Hamburger Kunsthalle, Ralf Suerbaum (edited)
Nicole Buch is an art historian and programmer. She teaches at schools and, as a freelancer, she gives workshops, further education for teachers and coordinates cooperations with schools at the  ...

Nils Roemmert


Sabine Harrer


Sarah Rudolph


Toni Maercklin


Torge Rothe

Torge Rothe (*1985) is software developer and responsible for programming game logic, implementing game mechanics, web developments and workflow at Cultural Games. In his leisure time, Torge  ...

Valentina Birke

Exhibition Curation // Creative Gaming Award Valentina Birke works as a freelance media pedagog with the Initiative Creative Gaming and campaigns the creative and critical use of games and sees  ...

Valentina Tamer


Valerie Quade


Wellington Fattori

Wellington Fattori is a Brazilian artist. Since the beginning of 2018 he had to redo all his bios. Illustrator, designer, worked with advertising for more than 7 years, with clients […]