Established institutions of Hamburgs gaming scene open their doors to let you give you an exclusive look into the creative spectrum of professions revolving around video games. This year’s places are InnoGames, Threaks, Tivola, and Rocket Beans TV.

InnoGames is a developer and publisher. Here, visitors can learn about the fascination of browser games and how one idea can become an enterprise. Game Designers will offer unique insights in their work and answer questions about the studio’s action, strategy, online and role playing games.

Threaks is a team of indie developers, currently working on All I Have Is Time. Here, participants can explore the work of game developers and ask designers, programmers, graphic artists about their work.

Rocket Beans TV is an internet channel that has created a unique concept and produces contributions about gaming and other topics. Visitors will be able to experience how the beans work and what happens behind the scenes.

Tivola is a developer of serious games, focusing on family-friendly games and apps.

Meeting point is Friday (November 2nd) at the Festival HQ at 12.30pm. Places for both excursions are limited to 20 persons. You can only register for the excursions at the festival counter. Participants also require a ticket for public transport.