Game Changer. Groundbreaker Art

Foto: Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hanna Lenz
Foto: Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hanna Lenz

Change the world while playing: Looking back becomes a vision of the future. The history of art is also a history of game changer, innovations and seminal reforms. How do we want to live in the future? Can we re-shape the world with art? Can a museum take part in designing the future? Get new impulses from the old world.

Meeting point: Foyer of Hamburger Kunsthalle
(Glockengießerwall 5, 20095 Hamburg)

Contact: Alke Vierck, 040-428131-216,

The interactive tour takes place in the Hamburger Kunsthalle and will take 90 minutes. Game Changer. Seminal Art is a PLAY-Friends event by the Hamburger Kunsthalle.

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Hamburger Kunsthalle, Glockengießerwall 5, 20095 Hamburg


  • 02.11.2018 12:00-13:30 Uhr

People at Game Changer. Groundbreaker Art