Press Information 4: PLAY18 Program – The Creative Gaming Festival invites you to join in (September 26th, 2018)

At PLAY18 in Hamburg visitors shape the world of tomorrow with digital games.

Hamburg, September 26, 2018. The Creative Gaming Festival invites you to workshops, lectures and discussions addressing how games can change and mold the future. Of course, the controller will be in action – in the playable exhibition, which will be open from the beginning of the Festival on November 1st through Sunday, November 4th; new and especially creative computer and video games will be presented.

At the core of the Festival are two new formats that are especially intended to invite participation. The centerpiece is the “Studio Zukunft”, a temporary development studio in the Festival’s headquarter. Here visitors have the opportunity to explore their own game ideas for a better world, to develop and to share with others, to discuss and experiment. What does the game world that tells us visionary tales look like? What control mechanisms do these games provide to, for example, permit handicapped people to play, or to allow us to think up entirely new game principles? More such questions will be welcomed at the new “Speakers’ Corner”. PLAY18 invites attendees to present their own ideas, projects and themes relating to game culture on a Festival stage and to discuss them with other guests. Proposed topics may be submitted until October 14th, 2018.

“This year we are placing a special focus on keeping our program events open and encouraging our visitors to participate,” explains Vera Marie Rodewald, Artistic Director of PLAY18. “Even as interactive as gaming is, so should PLAY18 also invite visitors to participate – whether by taking part in discussions and workshops, developing their own game ideas or by celebrating together with other Festival guests.”

Alistair Aitcheson’s “Incredible Playable Show” provides lots of entertainment. The interactive comedy show invites visitors to come on stage and play digital games using all manner of unusual objects. On Friday and Saturday guests can participate in numerous workshops. The workshops are open for the first time this year to everyone without reservation. Dialog formats such as Artist Talks during which game designers provide insights into their methods, keynote presentations and the “PLAY Couch” where experts offer fascinating discussions on the potentials of games, round out the extensive program offerings.

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