Press Information 1: PLAY18 invites visitors to playfully shape the future (July 30th, 2018)

The International Creative Gaming Festival will be held from November 1st to 4th in Hamburg

Hamburg, July 30th, 2018. A look at the world of tomorrow – the Creative Gaming Festival in Hamburg this November wants to do no less. PLAY18 poses the questions: What will the games of the future look like? What are the coming trends? How can games change the world? The Festival guests are free to provide the answers themselves: whether young or old, hardcore gamer or occasional player – above all games in numerous formats are there to be examined and played. The fact that fun is not neglected when it comes to gaming is beyond question.

“After we did a review of 10 years of PLAY last year, this year we take a look at the future” so the comment of Christiane Schwinge, member of the Festival Direction. “We can hardly wait for November so that with our visitors we can once again take hold of the gamepads and discover the potentials and possibilities of gaming for our society.”

The motto “Ready Game Change – Create a New Tomorrow!” invites Festival attendees to participate. The variety of festival domains such as “Studio Future”, numerous workshops or the completely playable PLAY exhibition invite the participants to explore creative and innovative computer and video games and at the same time to understand their developments, backgrounds and roles for society, culture and politics. Thereby, the attendees also encounter other enthusiastic gamers and can perhaps even participate in discussion roundtables and experience together with others exceptional computer games. For these reasons PLAY has, in the meantime, made a name for itself far beyond Germany’s borders.

“To creatively enjoy, explore the boundaries of digital games, break rules, play together, celebrate together and be able, within a wonderful framework, exchange ideas with one another – that is what the PLAY – Creative Gaming Festival has stood for these many years,” so Mareike Ottrand, co-founder of Studio Fizbin. “For me it is a great opportunity this year at PLAY18 literally to virtually play through the future.”

The detailed program for PLAY18 will be announced and updated in the coming weeks up until the Festival starts under PLAY18 cordially invites all enthusiastic gamers to help shape the future of gaming from November 1st to 4th in Hamburg.

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